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This is why people will pay $1,500 for an Oculus Rift and the PC to run it

The missing factor in this discussion: The technology is magic.

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This spaceship combat game makes me actually want to buy virtual reality

Today, Oculus VR, the virtual reality company owned by Facebook, announced that when you finally buy an Oculus Rift headset next year, it’ll come with a copy of the eye-popping spacefighter simulator “EVE: Valkyrie.”

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All Oculus Rift preorders will include exhilarating VR space combat game EVE: Valkyrie

The first game I ever played on the Oculus Rift might become the first game you ever play on the Oculus Rift, thanks to a new partnership between CCP and the virtual reality headset maker. This morning, the pair announced that all Rift preorders will come bundled with a copy of the thrilling space dogfighting […]

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Oculus announces new VR headset prototype: Crescent Bay

Oculus has announced a new prototype called Crescent Bay, another step towards the consumer version of its virtual reality headset.

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Samsung’s Gear VR is a portable Oculus Rift for the Galaxy Note 4

The Gear VR experience is just as immersive and fun as Oculus Rift…

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