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Dear Angelica is Oculus’ third virtual reality film, and it’s being made in VR

Oculus Story Studio’s third foray into virtual reality filmmaking doesn’t currently involve a single frame of animation, and it may still be the most impressive thing the studio has ever done.

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Virtual reality let me paint in space, and it was pure magic

At the Sundance Film Festival, CNET’s Richard Trenholm tries out a stunning new tool from Oculus that lets you draw fantastical creations in the air just by waving your hands.

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Oculus “Quill” Turns VR Painting Into Performance Art

Art doesn’t have to be an end product. Thanks to Oculus’ new internal creation tool, Quill, illustrators can draw in virtual reality and let audiences see their creations come to life stroke by stroke around them.

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The Oculus Rift’s Problem Isn’t Price – It’s Perfection

What is the Rift? It’s not simply another VR headset. Those already exist, and they’re cheaper than $599. It’s not just a nicer-looking version of those, or a slightly better version. It must be a categorically better VR experience.

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The $600 price of the Oculus Rift is worth it for this level of awesome

After a demo of the shipping version of the Oculus Rift, I’m more excited than ever to own one. The price seems totally reasonable for a first-generation product that delivers such an amazing experience.

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