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Computer Vision Engineer, Tracking

Computer Vision | Zurich, Switzerland

Computer Vision is a key ingredient in developing great virtual reality technology. We are looking for an exceptional software engineer with a proven track record in a computer vision (e.g., segmentation, modeling, detection and tracking). As a computer vision engineer at Oculus, you'll be solving challenges at the forefront of computer vision that transform virtual reality from dream to reality. We're looking for a creative engineer to usher in the next era of human-computer interaction by solving hard and exciting computer vision problems.


  • Develop creative computer vision and tracking software for a variety of Oculus products.
  • Participate in cutting edge research in computer vision.
  • Develop novel real-time 3D scene reconstruction techniques and delivering accurate visual odometry systems.
  • Apply machine learning to computer vision problems.
  • Research and prototype techniques and algorithms for object detection and recognition.
  • Contribute research that can be applied to Oculus product development.
  • Develop robust software for integrating multiple sensors and tracking systems.
  • Prototype hardware and software solutions for tracking, detection and modeling.
  • Perform research that enables modeling and tracking the human body.

Minimum Qualification

  • MS or PhD degree in Computer Science, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, or related technical field
  • 5+ years developing and designing Computer Vision technologies and systems
  • 3+ years of experience engineering in C++
  • Background in Computer Vision
  • Prototyping skills
  • Knowledge in machine learning, Bayesian filtering, information theory, and 3D geometry

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