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Software Engineer in UX/UI

Software Engineering | Seattle, Washington

As a Software Engineer in UI/UX (C++ engineer) on the Oculus Carmel Browser team, you will help design and build the UI and User Experience, which enables users to experience the power and content of the Web from within an immersive world. This role offers a large degree of design freedom to redefine how we experience the web through an immersive yet unobtrusive UI that doesn’t detract from the content being viewed. Ideal candidates are strong engineers with a demonstrated interest in and passion for great design and aesthetics. The ability to work closely with and influence graphics and interaction designers will be a key skill. The Carmel Browser is a custom user experience built on top of the existing Chromium source code. Experience specifically in Chromium or in design considerations for web browsers is a plus, but not a requirement.


  • Prototype and develop the UI and user experience for the Oculus Carmel Browser.
  • Help drive web standard interfaces for interactions, security and trust alongside other major browser vendors.
  • Interact with multiple product and design teams to supply interaction requirements specific to the VR web and help develop a new unified interaction paradigm across all app types.
  • Self-sufficient: Able to define the architectures and technologies that will be used in the browser to ultimately deliver this new VR experience for the web.
  • Ability to iterate and incrementally deliver UI and user experiences to user testing well before general release.

Minimum Qualification

  • 3+ years of experience developing and debugging systems software in C++
  • B.S. in Computer Science/Computer Engineering or equivalent experience
  • Experience in building and shipping a functional user interface in a software project
  • Skilled in design thinking and process
  • Experience writing performance-critical software

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