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Technical Artist

Games/Experiences/Content | Seattle, Washington

Oculus is seeking an experienced Artist to provide Technical Art Direction on our content team in Seattle. Technical Artists are generally responsible for the technical aspects of art asset development. This entails working closely with Art and Engineering to develop and support the asset pipeline, animation & rigging tools, animation rigs, real-time effects and materials while also managing the Technical Art team.


  • Design and build animation rigs for characters, creatures, props, etc.
  • Develop Maya tools and plug-ins for rigging and animation production
  • Work closely with Character Artists on mesh topology and asset build plans optimized for animation/deformation and shading
  • Work with Animation and Engineering to develop run-time character animation trees and supporting tech in UE4 or other technologies
  • Research new methods of efficiently prototyping and building complex real-time assets such as realistic facial and body deformation rigs
  • Develop broad technical expertise to assist in a wide variety technical and artistic tasks
  • Manage the technical art team and provide troubleshooting, support and mentorship to members of the Art and Technical Art teams.

Minimum Qualification

  • 6+ years of relevant experience as a Technical Artist with an emphasis on Character/Creature work
  • Experience rigging and skinning character assets
  • 5+ years experience with Maya Python/PyMEL, C++ API, PySide/PyQt
  • Experience collaborating on multi-disciplinary teams
  • Knowledge of anatomy and kinematics
  • Experience shipping projects
  • Experience communicating across numerous team members including engineers, researchers and artists.
  • Experience working with early prototype technology and help drive experiences and demos in support

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working with UE4 and/or Unity
  • Advanced facial rigging experience
  • PBR shader knowledge
  • Experience creating real-time FX
  • Experience with fracturing & rigid body simulation
  • Experience with cloth and hair simulation

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