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Security Engineer

Software Engineering | Seattle, Washington

As a Security Engineer working on the Oculus Carmel Browser team you will be helping to secure and protect end users who are experiencing the web in VR. This role offers a large degree of autonomy in setting the overall security bar and ship requirements for the Oculus Carmel Browser as well as portions of Oculus and Facebook. There is an opportunity to discover and secure web browsers against future unforeseen threats that come from the unique immersive properties enabled by VR. Security models will need to be built across multiple operating systems including Android and Windows. Core security modules will need to be designed and implemented in C/C++ and Java. Experience with web security models and security design considerations around existing web technologies is a must. Experience in Chromium is a plus, but not a requirement for the role. Existing experience in user privacy is also a plus.


  • Set security requirements for shipping the Oculus Carmel Browser and related software services
  • Threat modeling and security assessment of Chromium with a focus on new security issues exposed by VR
  • Analysis of privacy and user data collection related to VR specific activities, inputs and devices
  • Work with the Chromium security team to identify broadly impacting web security improvements that end up in the Oculus Carmel Browser
  • Contribute to web specifications with a focus on security for Web VR, navigation, Web Input and other areas that impact browsing in VR
  • Integrate the Oculus Carmel Browser with Oculus and Facebook security models
  • Integrate and pen-test various Oculus and Facebook services
  • Self-sufficient: Able to define the architectures and technologies that will be use across Carmel, Oculus and Facebook to secure the VR Web
  • Design and implement security test suites that enable Carmel to maintain a high bar of security.

Minimum Qualification

  • BS or MS in Computer Science or Computer Engineering and 4+ years industry experience
  • 4+ years industry experience working on securing software systems and architectures
  • Experience with web security models and securing web technologies and endpoints
  • Trouble shooting and analytical skills
  • Ability to work cross functionally and cross organizationally to drive security requirements with partners
  • Experience with pen-testing system stacks ranging from OS level integration, through application layers and into network services
  • Experience with static analysis tools and their applications to find software defects

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