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Software Performance Engineer

Software Engineering | Seattle, Washington

As a Performance Engineer working on the Oculus Carmel Browser team you will be helping to enable high quality and performant VR experiences and legacy web browsing experiences in VR. This role offers a large degree of autonomy in defining the target performance measures for the Carmel Browser and setting up systems to achieve those target metrics for shipping the browser. Combining VR and web technologies creates a challenging environment for performance optimization; candidates will be required to create new performance techniques, tools and procedures in their execution of this role. This role will have the candidate develop knowledge of performance optimization across Android, Linux and Windows and across C/C++ and Java code bases. The Carmel browser is a custom user experience built on top of the existing Chromium source code. Experience in Chromium or in design considerations for web browser is a plus. Experience with Android and measuring performance on Android is a plus.


  • Set ship performance metrics for the Oculus Carmel Browser project
  • Discover and Isolate key performance improvements in the Chromium code base
  • Work with the Chromium team, Oculus and Carmel on improvements to the Chromium codebase which enable high quality VR
  • Self-sufficient: Able to define the architectures and technologies that will be used in the browser to ultimately deliver this new VR experience for the web.
  • Create performance regression suites, automated performance testing and product performance health reporting.
  • Design and Implement web performance tools to enable web developers to isolate performance problems in their VR applications.

Minimum Qualification

  • BS or MS in Computer Science or Computer Engineering and 4+ years industry experience
  • 4+ years industry experience programming C/C++
  • 2+ years industry experience worked directly in and on performance software and tooling
  • Trouble shooting and analytical skills
  • Ability to investigate performance issues and communicate required improvements to the product teams
  • Ability to work in a cross functional organization and across organizations

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