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Software Engineer, WebVR

Software Engineering | Menlo Park, California

As a software engineer at Oculus, you’ll be building the core technology necessary for browsing of hyper-linked VR experiences hosted online. You will help define how VR experiences are built for the web, implement key systems that enable them and illustrate their use through samples and demos. The ideal candidate is an experienced software engineer with a background in JavaScript and graphics development, familiarity with 3D engines and passion for building great VR.


  • Define and implement JavaScript APIs used to build social, interactive VR experiences.
  • Develop applications and samples that illustrate the use of publicly exposed APIs.
  • Implement 3D graphics functionality on both C++ and JavaScript sides.
  • Implement and optimize bindings between JavaScript and system functionality such as 3D rendering, audio and video.
  • Optimize rendering and scripting to ensure it achieves low latency and high frame rates needed for good VR.
  • Collaborate with Oculus runtime, application and platform teams, understanding and integrating their technology.
  • Integrate 3rd-party libraries on multiple platforms, including Windows and Android.

Minimum Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or related field.
  • Experience with 3D graphics and shader development, including OpenGL, WebGL and/or DirectX implementation.
  • 4+ years of experience developing systems, application and graphics code in C and/or C++.
  • 2+ years of experience developing in JavaScript or similar scripting language.
  • Experience with WebVR, THREE.js.
  • Experience with ‘node.js’ and JavaScript.
  • Experience developing for Android.

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