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Media Systems Engineer

Software Engineering | Menlo Park, California

Design, build, and maintain audio/video pipelines capable of servicing many use cases for VR applications. As our media systems engineer, you will be responsible for media playback in virtual reality applications on standalone devices. You will design and implement these systems with your knowledge of digital rights management schemes, hardware crypto systems, audio/video codecs, common media APIs, and application use cases. This role will also require working with hardware and software vendors to obtain the necessary functionality. Beyond simple decoding, this role will require thinking outside the box: how should DRM protected content render in 3D?


  • Design and implement media APIs for audio/video mixing and playback in VR applications
  • Work with vendors to obtain codec functionality and implement DRM schemes
  • Prototype and implement innovations in areas such as mono and stereoscopic spherical audio, images, and video

Minimum Qualification

  • 5+ years experience programming in C/C++
  • 5+ years experience with operating systems and/or embedded systems
  • Applied knowledge of DRM schemes and audio/video codecs
  • Experience developing media applications or frameworks

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