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VR Application Engineer

Software Engineering | Dallas, Texas

As a VR Application Engineer, you will help design and develop VR experiences, application frameworks and tooling. Your work will likely span the family of Oculus platforms including Gear VR, Rift, WebVR and others, affecting millions of users. The ideal candidate will have experience designing, building, and tuning consumer-facing C++ applications, perhaps including some 3D games.


  • Develop native VR applications in C++ outside of engines like Unity, Unreal, and their ilk
  • Instrument, profile and fix problems to ensure best-in-class performance on resource-constrained mobile platforms
  • Design and build product metrics for tracking application quality and performance in the field
  • Work closely with internal teams to design, build and use internal and external APIs
  • Stay current with VR market trends and product offerings
  • Develop 3D experiences

Minimum Qualification

  • 3 plus years experience in C++
  • 3 plus years software engineering experience
  • Experience profiling and optimizing production code

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