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Hardware Architecture Manager

Research | Redmond, Washington

At Oculus Research, we’re developing the future of augmented reality. As the Hardware Architecture Manager, your job will be to manage a group that is doing research and development for sensors, displays, and compute architectures. You’ll be managing a world class team of engineers and scientists aimed at pushing beyond the state of the art for all the core aspects of a near to eye display architecture. The functions within the team will include all the core hardware technology functions to enable the design and development and then manage the fabrication of these core items. This position requires someone who has expertise on one or more areas of sensors, displays or compute systems and can build and manage a team of people with experience in the Fabless semiconductor model with broad knowledge covering the full manufacturing space.


  • Have a key leadership role in Oculus Research as one of the pillars along with Optics, Machine Perception, Hardware, Software, etc
  • Lead a team to develop the next generation of sensors, displays, and compute architectures required for augmented and virtual reality systems
  • Work closely with various organizations to define and execute the long term roadmaps
  • Coordinate with our research, partnership, legal and incubation teams to both define and execute technology development with key partners, suppliers and academic institutions
  • Along with research leadership, develop and communicate research and development strategy and status with internal Oculus and Facebook leadership and core research members
  • Coordinate with Oculus Research team leads and the incubation team to progressively integrate the new technologies into prototype architectures
  • Work with teams to alleviate project bottlenecks.

Minimum Qualification

  • MS degree, PHD Preferred in Engineering, Physics, Computer Science or equivalent
  • At least 6 years of experience in research or advanced development
  • Background in developing advanced sensors, displays, or compute architecture
  • Experience managing hardware development or rapid prototyping projects is strongly preferred.

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