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Software Systems and Experiences Lead

Research | Redmond, Washington

At Oculus Research, we’re developing the future of virtual and augmented reality. As Software Systems and Experience Lead, you’ll be leading a team of software engineers working on the cutting edge between research and engineering. The ideal candidate has experience building and managing a team of world-class programmers but still loves to code, and enjoys working on low-level systems, interactive experiences, and interfacing with new hardware. Your team will be defining the state of the art in a new domain, so you must be highly motivated, unafraid of the unknown, and an expert in building great engineering systems and teams.


  • Build and lead engineering team, working closely with peer leads to create complex, robust systems and experiences
  • Drive system design, implementation, and experiences for future head mounted displays under hard real-time constraints
  • Tackle challenges at the cutting edge of technology, solving novel problems and creating experiences to explore new domains
  • Collaborate with other researchers and engineers to develop combined hardware/software prototypes and experiences that help define the state of the art

Minimum Qualification

  • Experience creating real-time interactive systems
  • Experience with the intersection between hardware and software, including operating systems, performance, architecture, and memory/power constraints
  • 12+ years programming/implementing in C/C++
  • 6+ years building and managing software teams and shipping systems
  • Experience with hardware, including electrical/mechanical engineering a plus
  • Ability to operate effectively and autonomously, with only high-level direction
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate well and work across teams

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