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Software Engineer (Research)

Research | Redmond, Washington

At Oculus Research you'll build cutting-edge research prototypes that explore the future of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Join a world-class team experimenting with bold ideas in areas including optics, haptics, tracking, displays, computer vision, user experience, audio, and perceptual psychology. Work alongside expert research scientists, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and software engineers to create the technology that makes VR and AR pervasive and universal. Join the adventure of a lifetime as we make science fiction real and change the world.


  • Analyze, design, develop and debug realtime VR and AR software for advanced prototypes and user experiences
  • Collaborate in a team environment across multiple scientific and engineering disciplines, making the architectural tradeoffs required to rapidly deliver software solutions
  • Develop software for a variety of consumer devices, including novel sensing systems, tracking systems, imaging systems and haptic devices
  • Write clean readable code, debug complex problems that span systems, prioritize ruthlessly and get things done with a high level of efficiency
  • Learn constantly, dive into new areas with unfamiliar technologies, and embrace the ambiguity of VR problem solving

Minimum Qualification

  • BS degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 5 or more years recent C++ experience, including modern C++ features
  • 3D math and linear algebra skills
  • 5 or more years experience creating software for games or other realtime environments
  • Proven track record of professional software development, including shipping one or more products of high complexity
  • Deep problem solving and optimization ability
  • Excellent communication skills and demonstrated experience working across disciplines to drive optimal solutions

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3D graphics
  • Game engines such as Unreal and Unity
  • Physics
  • Optics
  • Sensor fusion
  • Computer vision
  • Machine learning
  • Lua scripting
  • Embedded firmware
  • FPGA development
  • Digital signal processing
  • Robotics
  • Advanced mathematics

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