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Optical Engineer

Research | Redmond, Washington

Oculus is a world leader in the design of virtual reality systems. We are currently seeking innovative talent with a passion for technology for our research location in Redmond, WA.


  • Develop testing and metrology capabilities for diverge range of optical parameters both for imaging and non-imaging systems (e.g. luminance, uniformity, color, MTF, stray light)
  • All round responsible for test system development including optical design, system abd component procurement, and ramp-up.
  • Specification and coding of measurement algorithms and software for repeatable and reliable measurements
  • Collaborate with the larger research team to support optical design and experimentation with analysis of developed technologies and components

Minimum Qualification

  • Knowledge of a broad range of optics including imaging, illumination, radiometry and photometry, geometric optics, statistics, and polarization.
  • Knowledge and experience with color science, colorimetry, and visual optics.
  • Basic capabilities in optical design tools such as Zemax, FRED, or ASAP
  • Strong hands on experience in laboratory work and in setting up of high quality and reliable optical measurement systems
  • Well versed on standard tools and methods for measurement system automation at lab level including LabView and Matlab.
  • Knowledge on programming with c/c++ would be a plus
  • Familiarity with optical metrology tools such as interferometry or image quality testing
  • MS or PhD in Optical Sciences or Physics or related field with multiple years’ experience in applied research and/or product development of advanced optics or photonic systems

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