Blog — Behind the Scenes at GDC and New Oculus-ready Demos

Behind the Scenes at GDC and New Oculus-ready Demos

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Behind the Scenes at GDC 2013

Back in March as we geared up for GDC, we had an idea: “What if we could share our experience at GDC with the community that made it possible (especially everyone that couldn’t make it to the show)?” We decided to pack up a few video cameras and run with it.

A lot of moving parts came together simultaneously at the show (even if it was a little crazy):

– Thousands of Rift developer demos
– 100+ meetings with game developers from all over the world
– Hawken VR shown for the first time
– 2 talks on making VR games
– Oculus Developer Center and Oculus SDK launch
– The first Rift development kits hit doorsteps!

Here’s the ‘behind the scenes’ look at Oculus @ GDC 2013. Thank you again for making all this possible!

Now that all the developer talks from GDC are available online, here’s a quick recap, including the talks by Joe Ludwig and Michael Abrash at Valve.

Valve’s Joe Ludwig @ GDC 2013
Valve’s Michael Abrash @ GDC 2013

We’re looking forward to seeing you at GDC 2014 next year!

Oculus-ready Demos and Games

With the majority of the development kits now in the wild, the community has already started sharing creative, made-for-VR experiences. We thought we’d share a few of our favorites:

Blue Marble — enjoy a soothing space experience. A great introduction to VR.
Proton Pulse — play breakout with your face!
Museum of the Microstar — badass GPU required!
VR Cinema 3D — watch .avi movies in a virtual theater.

If you have your own great game or demo in the works, share it with the community over on the Developer Forums.

Oculus @ E3 2013

The team here is heads-down, getting everything ready for E3. The latest demos are still coming together, but we’re hoping to have a sneak peek for you soon.

Thanks again,

— Palmer and the Oculus team

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